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Who Are We ?

Sparrow Collections is a small team with big goals, dedicated and determined to provide the highest quality products from around the globe to your door step .It all started when we asked our selves “ where can we get unique, well designed and high quality products curated into one shop ”, when we couldn’t find an answer, we made the answer and Sparrow Collections was born.

After its inception, it was only about a years worth of work, starting with an Instagram shop selling watch straps through Dms, proving the concept on a small scale then pivoting and expanding the company, doing extensive market research, curating a sleek line of products, sourcing those products from around the globe, developing a website, building a sales funnel, shooting advertisements, product photography and building the perfect team to reach this point 

All this work so that you don’t have to look any further for the products you want !

Making Of

Sparrow Collections


sparrow collections logo progression making of about us page

Logo Design

A idea turned into action, and we decided to start this company and the first step was to choose a name and a logo.Choosing a name was easy, sparrow symbolised flight and a road to the future, but designing a logo was an unexpected hurdle, with multiple iterations and designs.

Instagram Shop

The next step was to test the market and see if our idea was viable and we stared with just 1 product, watch straps.That was our niche and we started an Instagram page with no website and no end goal .Our only mission was to learn as we go along while providing the best quality straps on Instagram.

about us page sparrow collections old Instagram feed

Buying the Domain

Quickly recognising we were onto something, we purchased the domain, not understanding how to even start making a website and underestimating the learning curve that stood in front of us.We got a good response on Instagram but a website and a sales funnel was a whole different beast to conquer.

Product Research

We scoured the globe to source an incredible collection of products. After months of pondering , we settled on a 6 product collection to start with consisting of Card Holders, Watch Straps, Bracelets, Travel Cases, Watch Stands, and Chains.

sparrowcollections.com website on safari MacBook Pro air


This lead to the next hurdle, to get these products actually manufactured and bring our vision into reality.This began by looking at thousands of colour charts, leather types, steel coatings and searching for manufacturers who had the artisans to provide the quality we demanded.

Upgrading Equipment

Overhauling all our hardware, beginning from our photography set up, a white paper, and an iPhone to professional cameras and studios. Next upgrading the website with an SSL certification, a user friendly layout and a clean modern design.

sparrow collections product photography Camera canon light box studio

Website Development

This was the most time consuming process.Making the webpage without any preparation, learning en route to make an easy to understand website that facilitates a seamless purchasing experience was no small feet.

Worldwide Shipping

Sticking sparrow stickers on envelops to shipping our custom packages worldwide with pride is a feeling that is unparalleled.We hope this journey reaches heights far beyond what we can even imagine.